May 7, 2015

Social Media Marketing

Reach out to customers through social media marketing.

More and more consumers are relying on their social media networking sites to communicate and stay informed. This includes searching for products and services consumers want to purchase. Because of the increased utilization of social media by consumers businesses are having to focus their advertising efforts on staying on top of social media newsfeeds and keeping the interest of current customers while still working on attracting new customers.

Knowing how to properly use social media marketing will help keep the business at the top of search engines and visually in front of consumers. How social media networks organize content posted by users – both business and personal – can affect how much exposure a business gets. That is why knowing how to increase interaction among fans and continually driving new fans to the business’s page is so important.

Finding the happy medium between too many sales posts to not enough is what has marketers frantically working to keep up with social media trends and changes. But no matter what is happening elsewhere on the Internet, the number one thing businesses need to do when interacting on social media is to listen to what is being said. Fans and consumers will tell businesses what they want and need to see. Listening to what is being said will help guide a business owner into posting the information that will attract users and encourage engagement on their page. Thus, boosting their ranking on the news feed.

Focus on building relationships with consumers versus finding as many consumers to “like” a business page. Businesses with 500 engaged fans will rank higher on newsfeeds than one with thousands of fans and only a handful of engaged fans.

When utilizing social media marketing strategies, it is important businesses stay true to their brand. Even though it is a good idea to share articles and tips, it would be a bad idea to share something not relevant to fans. For example, a stylist should be posting articles on the best hair conditioner or latest up-do trends and not about installing a hard drive into a computer.

Social media marketing is a very cost effective way to advertise a business. It is also a nice platform to communicate with consumers and share relevant information about products and services. Because it takes time to build relationships, it is important to be patient when utilizing social media marketing. Over time, exposure will increase, thus helping boost sales and increase client bases.

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